Enage me! A 10 step Guide for Grads

Well if you didn’t know yet, I might as well tell you one of my secrets, I LOVE PREZIS!  And I love talking about becoming a teacher.  So a Prezi about becoming a teacher is like peanut butter and banana… they belong together.

While tutoring on the Graduate Diploma of Primary Teaching at Deakin with @kath_morris, I made this Prezi to share with my students. Compiling such a list was extremely reflective and made me forever grateful for the teachers and friends I have met on my path to becoming a teacher.  It made me grateful for the inspirational teachers and principals I am lucky to work with.

So this 10 step Guide for Graduates became a list of inspirations of things in my first year teaching in Australia that were memorable and worthwhile. It also became a list of minor frustrations, things that I wish someone had forewarned me about!  Some of these warnings may have been useless perhaps, as it is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.  But, I thought I would share with other graduates out there some of what I learned, and feel free to pass on to share with graduates you may know.  I hope even if one thing strikes a chord with a Grad, it will add to the inspiration pile and help avoid more in the frustration pile.


What advice would you pass on? Anything else you would add to the list? What things helped you starting out?