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I am an Irish import teaching in Victoria. I am moving back into mainstream classroom at Point Lonsdale Primary School after a year teaching LOTE.  I will still be integrating LOTE into the curriculum across grade 3/4, but I am excited about the challenges my own class will bring again!

Teaching background…

I have been a teacher for 10 years in an eclectic range of positions from Special Needs to Music to ESL to Spanish and I have taught a range of ages from babies to adults.  I have taught in Ireland, America, South America, and Australia.  I consider myself extremely lucky to be working in a school I love, with an amazing team of teachers who inspire me on a daily basis, and in one of the most beautiful settings for a school.  I am moving up from .4 to .8 as I try to balance the lives of my myself, my husband and our 3 (5,3,1) crazy smallies.


After tutoring on the Deakin Post Graduate course with friend Kathleen Morris, I was inspired by herself and my students to give professional blogging a go.  I hope this blog will help provide some reflection for myself as well as some inspiration for us all on incorporating technology in the classroom.  This will be my digital residence along with my 3/4 classroom blog and my LOTE blog where I can share some of our nomadic wanderings.  I hope you join us as we experience the nomadic life of some Grade 3/4’s in Victoria, Australia.


To say that I am passionate about the use of technology in the classroom is a slight understatement… I am insanely passionate about it.  I am a total NERD and I am ok with it!  Holla if you are with me!  I love blogging, global collaborations, podcasting, and integrating iDevices into the curriculum.  Basically if it has a power cord and perhaps a touch screen, you will see my slimy little fingerprints all over it.

10 facts you may not know or care to know about me…. but I will tell you anyways!

1) I love surfing- the cold waves of Ireland or the turquoise ones of Australia

2) I have 3 smallies

3)I am a Mac Addict… an Apple a day makes this teacher stay!

4) I run, jump, skip, or yoga everyday as much for my fitness as it is for my brain

5) I love to cook, especially vegan delights

6) I am in love with my blender, a Vitamix

7) I am saving up for an iPad 3, my husband commandeered the iPad1

8 ) I play guitar, flute and tin whistle

9) I have the travel bug, always have and I hope I always will

10) When I can steal a moment for myself, I love to sew as well


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Aine,

    I read your featured post entitled “Digital Nomad” and I thought you might be interested in the infographic Open Colleges created: http://www.opencolleges.edu.au/infographic/21st_century_classroom.html. There’s an HTML code at the bottom so if you’re interested in sharing this to your readers, all you would need to do is paste it into your website

    Let me know what you think. I’m always happy to get receive feedback.


    Krisca Te
    Open Colleges, Sydney

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