Plan B

Just when you sink into the routine of teaching, knowing what grade you are teaching, getting ready for the new year… that is when it always hit… BAM!  Change, change, change.  As generally a chilled out person, I can normally find myself going with the flow… the thing I hold onto the most… is to always have a PLAN B!  When things aren’t working… don’t keep going with what is NOT working, get creative, come up with a PLAN B.

This is also a skill we need to model and pass onto our students.  Make our frustrations open and let them see us problem solving.  One frustration these past two weeks came from an online timeline program that looked amazing.  It got great reviews and recommended in Educational circles.  We tried and tried to make it work, but still no avail even after emails and feedback forums.  So instead of wasting anymore of learning time with Diptity, I modeled problem solving and found out through their forums among other frustrated teachers about Whenintime and within two minutes, a new timeline was created and events loaded.

PLAN B to the rescue and a great new internet resource found.

How have you had to adapt and change this year?

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