Why I adore DropBox…

I had heard about this DropBox place and never really assumed it had any use in the classroom.  I had an account and had received some large files from my Dad at some stage, but that was about it.  Little did I know this program would help me manage a more effective classroom.  At the moment I am using it for writing samples.  I am also using it for anecdotal notes in everything from Maths to Integrated Studies.

Here is my Set Up…

* I have a DropBox account. I have it on my computer and the iPad app.

* I have a folder for each student.

* I set up an account with DropItToMe called Dropitto.me/MrsMurphy.  The students have a simple password and upload any file with one click and it comes straight to my DropBox straight away.




* Once students have dropped a file to me, it appears in my DropItToMe folder in DropBox.

* From here it is a simple right click on your mouse/trackpad to get these options and then move student to their named folder in one click. 

* Now annotating student’s work and returning it to them is the next layer that I hope to add… I am setting up student emails this term through the school.  I will annotate student work on iPad in GoodReader App.  You can access DropBox through GoodReader.

* Then I will use the newest DropBox feature, which is to share a file through a URL.  After getting the student’s work URL link, I will then email the private URL to each student with their work and they will to be able to view and download their work back from me.  Another option is to have a public class DropBox folder where all student can access.

(This is the theory, I will let you know how it works in practice in Part 2 of why I adore DropBox).


Reasons I adore DropBox:

* Teaching students a skill of the 21st century- sharing and uploading files to the “cloud” is where the world is headed.

* Don’t have 53 USBs being waved in my face to retrieve work from.

* Don’t have to worry or stress about printers not working.

* Using my iPad for anectdotal notes in the classroom and being able to share these notes back and forth to computer.








* Have a way to seamlessly annotate and return student work on from computer to computer- much more 2012 than printing, annotating student work on paper, and students having to re-work it on computer.

* I can take pictures of their handwritten work on my iPad and then send the image to DropBox where I can check their work samples at any time I need to without carrying home 27 writing books.



* I believe it will make report commenting for writing unbelievably easy.  I will let you know in a week or so after reports are due!

* Saving some trees!

Why do you love DropBox?

How are you using DropBox in the classroom?

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