Quality Commenting and TRIBES

Our school is a TRIBES school.  Being the first TRIBES school in Australia, it is very heavily embedded in everything we do from planning to relationships with students and the community.  If you have not seen or heard about TRIBES, I would highly recommend visiting a school that implements it and signing yourself up for a TRIBES PD.  Even if your whole school doesn’t do TRIBES, one classroom is a great start.  Hands down the best PD, course, or learning experience I have had in my life was the two TRIBES trainings I have done: Tribes Learning Communities and the Artistry of Learning.

So when it came to blogging, I knew the TRIBES Agreements of: Mutual Respect, Attentive Listening, Appreciations/No Put Downs, the Right to Pass and (Personal Best and Reflection) would have to be embedded in our commenting as well.

Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan have a great poster that we have used for the past year and provided a great start for our students in blogging.  This is an excellent resource, but I knew our students could create something more tailored to their approach to blogging keeping in mind the TRIBES agreements.  We set about brainstorming how the agreements fit into our commenting and came up with this list of quality commenting agreements ….

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