Enage me! A 10 step Guide for Grads

Well if you didn’t know yet, I might as well tell you one of my secrets, I LOVE PREZIS!  And I love talking about becoming a teacher.  So a Prezi about becoming a teacher is like peanut butter and banana… they belong together.

While tutoring on the Graduate Diploma of Primary Teaching at Deakin with @kath_morris, I made this Prezi to share with my students. Compiling such a list was extremely reflective and made me forever grateful for the teachers and friends I have met on my path to becoming a teacher.  It made me grateful for the inspirational teachers and principals I am lucky to work with.

So this 10 step Guide for Graduates became a list of inspirations of things in my first year teaching in Australia that were memorable and worthwhile. It also became a list of minor frustrations, things that I wish someone had forewarned me about!  Some of these warnings may have been useless perhaps, as it is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.  But, I thought I would share with other graduates out there some of what I learned, and feel free to pass on to share with graduates you may know.  I hope even if one thing strikes a chord with a Grad, it will add to the inspiration pile and help avoid more in the frustration pile.


What advice would you pass on? Anything else you would add to the list? What things helped you starting out? 

6 thoughts on “Enage me! A 10 step Guide for Grads

  1. Hi Aine,

    It was a delight to teach with you at Deakin last year. I think our skills and ideas compliment each other really well.

    The students were lucky to have your advice – straight from the mouth of a grad teacher. There are definitely challenges that would be foreign to the traditional lecturer and I think you were a big help to all the students!

    I guess a really big piece of advice is that however good your uni education and teaching rounds, it won’t prepare you. You will learn on the job as you go and there will be many challenges. You really need to find support to plough through your first year but it does get easier! Doesn’t it? 😆


    • Thanks Kathleen for the comment,

      Teaching at Deakin worked really well and I hope we get a chance to do it again. And hopefully at Pt Lonsdale in a couple weeks too! It is great to have someone that is on a similar path and direction with their teaching. And although we shocked some students, they were very lucky to have an introduction to technology so early on in their course! And very lucky to have you take the time out of your class to do it.

      I agree completely on the challenges. I am even finding my change of roles this year extremely challenging. I hope I sleep for more than 5 hours before the end of term!

  2. Great new blog!

    I was one of those lucky grad students that this was made for.
    It really opened my eyes to how I’d be viewed in a school and how I connect what kind of teacher I want to be with what’s in an engaging teacher!

    I love Prezi’s now too. They’re just so sleek and cool!
    Keep up the blogging!


    • Thanks for the comment Steve!

      I was really the lucky one being able to chat with all of ye about my experiences, and ye all listened! haha!

      So happy that you are with me on the addiction that Prezi is. I agree very sleek and cool. And I am delighted that the Prezi struck a chord with you and that it was food for thought for your future.

      I do hope some of you get to come out to Pt Lonsdale. I am teaching in grade 3/4 this year and would happily take any of ye. Say hello to all on the course.


  3. Hi Áine,

    Would it be possible for you to send me the actual link for your Prezi. I live in Beijing and for some reason I cannot load the Prezi from your blog. It probably has something to do with the Great China Firewall but even with a VPN on I can’t get it to come through.

    I am really interested in seeing what you included. I am moving to a new position in Guatemala after eight years in China and I am already trying to figure out a good way to introduce myself to the teachers I will be working with as I will be an IT Specialist and not a classroom teacher anymore.


    email: toadie1951@gmail.com

  4. Hi Heather,

    I sent that, so hopefully it came through! Sent you a few other ideas as well.

    Buenas Suerte with the job in Guatemala. How lucky! I would love to go to South/Central America to teach at some stage, so please tell me how you get on.

    I am also a Spanish teacher and just moved from specialist back to classroom teaching although I am integrating Spanish into our curriculum with our Grade 3/4s. Here is our Spanish blog from last year,
    which we will hopefully keep running this year, but if your school would like to collaborate with us we would love some friends in Guatemala!! Especially some IT savvy ones:)

    Can’t wait to hear about your new position. Stay in touch.

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